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Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M
  • Tractor Belarus 320.4M

Tractor Belarus 320.4M

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Wheel versatile tractor is designed for various works with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines in agriculture, industry, public utilities and construction.


 The comfortable heated cabin with adjustable seat

  • Alternative domestic engine MMZ-3LD capacity of 26 (35.4) kW (hp)
  • A wide range of speeds
  • Easy access to the sites for repair and maintenance

With a range of its technical characteristics and the wide range of agricultural and municipal equipment to effectively perform the work on the land area of 20 hectares. Tractor reveals its potential also in the field of public utilities. The compact dimensions allow it to maneuver between the transport, work on yard areas, but the light weight of the tractor does not cause damage to all types of road and pavement surface.


A type diesel four
Model MMZ-3LD
Power, kW (hp) 26.0 (35.3)
Rated speed, rev / min 3000
Number of cylinders, pcs 3
Bore / stroke, mm 88 / 90.4
The total volume of the cylinder, L 1,600
Maximum torque, Nm 94
Factor of torque,% 20
Fuel tank capacity, l 32
Class 0.6


Clutch dry, single-disk, friction, permanently closed
Transmission mechanical, speed constant mesh with the gears, gear couplings with easy on, dual-band with reducing gear
Number of gears:
forward 8
ago 4
Speed, km / h:
back and forth 1,0-25,2 / 1,8-13,3
Rear PTO:
dependent I, rpm / min 540
dependent II, rev / min 1000
Simultaneous I, turns / meter path 3.4
Simultaneous II, v / m of travel 6.3
main gear bevel gears with spiral teeth
Rear axle differential gear, cone with two satellites, latching
Final Drives single-stage gearboxes with spur gear
Drive unit 4x4
A type disc, oil, mechanical (remote control)


Overall length mm 3050/3220
Width 1550
Height mm 2150
The base of the tractor, mm 1690
Track, mm
front wheels 1260; 1410
rear wheels 1250; 1400
Ground clearance, mm 320
Minimum turning radius, m 3.7
Operated Weight, kg
cab 1720
Tire size (standard)
Front wheel 7,5L-16
Rear wheel 12,4L-16

Mounted hydraulic system

A type Unit-
Load on suspension axle, kg 1100
Maximum pressure, kgf / cm2 200
Pump capacity, l / min 17
The capacity of the oil tank and hydraulic steering, l 9.0



  • Rear PTO (2-speed, synchronous, 8/21 or 6/21 splines);
  • rear hitch (3-point, 2 cylinder, retaining the chain);
  • hydraulic outlets (two on the rear side, two front);
  • three-section distributor;
  • Outlet (rear side);
  • front and rear working lights (2 rear, 2 front);
  • swivel lamp (4);
  • emergency lighting lamps;
  • license plate lights;
  • cubicle (heating, ventilation, opening roof, rear and side windows, elektroochistiteli windshield and rear window, headlight glass);
  • sound signal;
  • dashboard lights;
  • steering column adjustable angle;
  • power steering;
  • adjustable seat;
  • parking brake (hand);
  • Manual gas;
  • adjustable mirrors (2);
  • step;
  • wings of the front wheels (2);
  • loading nut on the discs (4);
  • Battery (88Ach);
  • SPTA
  • drawbar (TAS-1M), a variant of "Pendulum"
  • drawbar (TAS-1M), adjustable
  • Fork towing
  • crossbar
  • front hitch assembly with gear PVOM
  • Additional loads (8 pcs. of 20 kg.)
  • ballast
  • pneumatic actuator
  • a beacon signal
  • Wheels: Front 210 / 80R16 and rear 11.2-20

Spetskomplektatsiya: tires for golf course

Front tires - 10 / 75-15,3 (760 * 264)

Rear tires - 13 / 75-16 (920 * 325)

(replacement only set - 4 pcs.)

Application area:Agricultural
Type of tractor:Wheel
Information is up-to-date: 22.04.2019
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